About us

Helping the economic growth of China and the world with high-quality products has become an important force in the pump industry.

| Quality Control

In terms of enterprise management, the company passed the ISO9001 international quality standard system certification soon after its establishment. The company has formed a strict quality management system and quality assurance system covering the whole process of product design, development, production, installation and after-sales service, and streamlined the quality management work process of the whole process of enterprise operation, so that the whole process of product production is always in the position of the specialist. Responsible for the quality management status of the commissioner's inspection, so as to ensure the quality of the final product. The specific method is: firstly, the hardware part of the product is guaranteed, that is, from the incoming inspection of raw materials, the inspection of workpieces in each process, the test before the finished product leaves the factory, to After-sales service work and quality information feedback. Through the effective operation of this system, the quality of each employee and the quality of work in the enterprise have been continuously improved to ensure the realization of various quality goals. 

In order to produce high-quality products, the company has invested nearly 10 million yuan in recent years to purchase advanced large-scale CNC cold and hot processing equipment, heat treatment equipment, and various large-scale special equipment required for the production of slurry pumps. At the same time, the internationally advanced slurry pump automatic testing and inspection system has been introduced, and precise measuring instruments have been configured.



| Production R&D

In recent years, while digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, the company's scientific researchers actively explore, study hard, and be brave in innovation. Improvements have been made in the material ratio of wear-resistant parts of the slurry pump, the design of the pump body structure, etc., and a number of national have been declared. The improved products have longer service life, higher efficiency, better energy-saving effect, and lower noise. low, and the scope of application is wider.

The company's products have been trusted by the majority of users since they were put on the market, and the products are sold well all over the country, from the north to the three eastern provinces of my country, to the east to Fujian, Anhui and other places, and to the south to Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangxi and other places, and exported to some countries in Southeast Asia.

Due to the outstanding performance of Yidong Pump, it has been widely praised by the whole society, and has been rated as the national "Advanced Unit in the Industry", the National "Advanced Enterprise in Product Quality and After-sales Service"; "Hebei Province Famous Brand Product", "Hebei Province" Contract-honoring and trustworthy unit", Hebei Province "product quality trustworthy enterprise" honor.

In line with the enterprise spirit of "establishing the Yidong brand, creating the Yidong high-quality products, developing the Yidong pump industry, and entering the international market", Yidong Pump will further invigorate the spirit, unite and work hard, and the company will take a renewed attitude and fruitful work. Unswervingly take the road of technological innovation and improve the technological content of products.


Eaeast Pump Industry

At present, the main products of the company are: YZJ series, ZGB series, ZGF series, ZGC series, M, AH, HH series, YD series, SP series, YZJL series, YDL-L series, ZQL series, G/GH series, etc.