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Helping the economic growth of China and the world with high-quality products has become an important force in the pump industry.

Eaeast Pump Industry

In line with the enterprise spirit of "establishing the Eaeast brand, creating the Eaeast high-quality products, developing the Eaeast pump industry, and entering the international market", Eaeast Pump will further invigorate the spirit, unite and work hard, and the company will take a renewed attitude and fruitful work. Unswervingly take the road of technological innovation and improve the technological content of products.

Eaeast Pump Industry

At present, the main products of the company are: YZJ series, ZGB series, ZGF series, ZGC series, M, AH, HH series, YD series, SP series, YZJL series, YDL-L series, ZQL series, G/GH series, etc.