About us

Helping the economic growth of China and the world with high-quality products has become an important force in the pump industry.

Cultural Concept

Zero defect quality, unlimited service, pursue excellence

Corporate Vision

Vision and Mission

Make unique value to others. Be a unparallel trustworthy partner.

Eaeast Pump Industry

Our Mission

Core Values

Customer first/Honest&Responsible/People-oriented/Technological innovation/Unity&Collaboration/Pursue excellence

Eaeast Pump Industry

Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Tailor to fit. Customer define EAEAst's success. Deliver stable result in the unstable environment.

Eaeast Pump Industry

Social Responsibility

The company will always strive to be a "trustworthy and respected" enterprise.

Eaeast Pumps abides by the law, pays taxes according to regulations, solves employment, provides high-quality products and services, and always strives to become an excellent enterprise; Regularly arrange technical personnel training, establish an excellent corporate culture, and actively advocate good business ethics through their own practice and efforts.


Eaeast Pump has innovatively developed a screw centrifugal pump to effectively deal with the problem of ultra-high-concentration material transportation, filling the market vacancy. The factory uses new machine tools and new technological processes, which greatly improves the production efficiency and increases the per capita output value of the factory. The company uses the resources and experience accumulated over the years to improve its innovation ability, and continuously develop new patents on the basis of the existing 22 patents, improve product competitiveness, increase quality and efficiency, and promote the "Made in China 2025" action program with practical actions.


In addition, Eaeast Pump also pays attention to environmental protection, and strives to reduce, recycle, reuse, and develop a circular economy. Through the development of environmentally friendly products such as screw centrifugal pumps, energy saving and emission reduction can be achieved. Reducing the impact of industry on living habitats, protecting biodiversity, and keeping up with the Convention on Biological Diversity. To ensure green and low-carbon development, implement the "Carbon Peaking Action Plan before 2030", and promote carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, so as to better cope with climate change issues such as global warming.



Eaeast Pump Industry

At present, the main products of the company are: YZJ series, ZGB series, ZGF series, ZGC series, M, AH, HH series, YD series, SP series, YZJL series, YDL-L series, ZQL series, G/GH series, etc.