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Different roles of slurry pumps in different industries


2022-09-07 17:03

Slurry pumps are used to transport slurry containing abrasive solid particles, and are widely used in mining, electric power, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection and other industries. The role of the slurry pump in this different industry is also different. The following will introduce its different functions in detail.

First in the power industry, mainly thermal power plants. At present, the main power plants in my country are thermal power generation and hydropower generation. In thermal power plants, since a large amount of coal is used for power generation, the slag or ash after burning coal needs to be removed. The slurry pump is used to remove ash and slag. The slag is mixed by mixing After a certain amount of water, it is transported to the place where the ash and slag are stacked through the slurry pump, so sometimes the slurry pump also becomes an ash and slag pump in the power plant.

Secondly, in the coal washing industry, due to different working conditions, the larger coal slag slurry pump is easily blocked by coal gangue, and the design requirements for the slurry pump and sewage pump are very high. A coal washing plant under the Huaibei Mining Bureau adopted a specially designed slurry pump to replace the original imported from Australia. So far, it has been running normally, and it can transport larger coal lumps and coal gangue without clogging, and its wear life exceeds that of foreign imported pumps.

Once again in the field of seawater sand selection, the application of slurry pumps and centrifugal slurry pumps and clean water pumps has gradually been recognized by customers. However, when selecting sand in seawater and dredging sand in river channels, slurry pumps are more likely to be called sand pumps and dredging pumps. Although the names are different, in terms of structural characteristics and pump performance principles, they can be generally referred to as slurry pumps. Therefore, in this seawater sand selection, we often call it a sand pump, and it is customary to call it a dredging pump in river dredging.

In fact, the role of the slurry pump is far more than that. In the application process of the slurry pump, we must pay attention to reasonable design, correct calculation, and appropriate selection, so that the role of the slurry pump can be brought into full play.

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