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How to choose an environmentally friendly slurry pump for sewage treatment


2022-09-07 17:04

How to choose an environmentally friendly slurry pump for sewage treatment? Under the increasingly important environmental protection issues, the power consumption of the slurry pump in the sewage treatment plant accounts for about 1/3 of the total power consumption of the whole plant. Whether the slurry pump for sewage treatment can operate continuously and efficiently directly affects the sewage treatment. The treatment efficiency of the equipment is an important factor for the effective operation of the sewage treatment plant.

Due to the complex water quality of industrial sewage, the requirements for water pumps are more stringent. The requirements for optimal selection of water pumps in the industrial sewage treatment industry are summarized as follows:

(1) Reasonably determine the flow rate Q and head H value of the working condition, and the operating point of the pump should be strictly controlled within the high-efficiency area.

(2) The water pump can still be guaranteed to work normally and efficiently when it deviates from the rated working condition.

(3) The pump motor can withstand long-term full-load operation. In order to achieve maximum protection of the motor, in the event of accidental overload operation, assuming that the cable is damaged and the motor is still underwater, there will be no moisture entering the motor or junction box at the cable inlet.

Whether the slurry pump can operate efficiently or not directly affects the sewage treatment efficiency and operating cost of the sewage treatment plant. The following three points are the most important:

1. Pipeline configuration. Reasonable pipeline configuration can reduce backflow and unnecessary hydraulic loss. The environmental protection pump company has professional construction personnel on-site installation services to ensure the connection between pipelines and equipment.

2. The efficiency of the water pump itself, the main factors affecting the efficiency of the water pump are the impeller and the flow channel. The impeller of the environmental protection pump is designed by professional engineers, with low friction and low resistance, and is first-class in the industry in terms of energy saving.

3. The pump is matched with the motor. The matching of the motor power and the pump shaft power is the key to ensuring the flow head. Jinyuan Environmental Protection Pump has made a detailed data analysis in this regard. "The phenomenon.

Choosing a good sewage treatment slurry pump is an important factor for the effective operation of a sewage treatment plant

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