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Development Trend and Technical Approach of Slurry Pump Energy Saving Technology in my country


2022-09-07 17:05

In thermal power plants, the power consumption of the plant accounts for about 8% to 10% of the total power generation, and the power consumption of pumps and fans accounts for about 70% to 80% of the power consumption of the plant. The economic benefits of power plants play a significant role. The power consumption of the circulating slurry pump is related to the season and load. The frequency conversion transformation of the circulating slurry pump can not only ensure its effective work, but also ensure its low power consumption at low load and different seasons, flexible use and energy-saving effect. obvious.

1. The development trend of slurry pump energy-saving technology in my country

At present, the vector-controlled frequency converters have been widely used in the stepless speed regulation of AC motors in general machinery, textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, steel rolling, chemical industry and other industries in many electric driving occasions at home and abroad. and automatic speed regulation requirements. However, it has not been fully applied in the application fields of fans and slurry pumps. The main reason is that there is not enough understanding of the large amount of energy saving of fans and slurry pumps. Therefore, we will introduce the energy-saving principles and application status of fans and slurry pumps to customers. The electricity consumption of fans and slurry pumps in the country accounts for more than 60% of the industrial electricity consumption. If frequency converters can be fully used in this field for variable frequency stepless speed regulation, it will be the best way to rejuvenate a country that is seriously short of electricity for the development of processing and manufacturing industries. Policy. A fan is a device for conveying gas. A slurry pump is a device that conveys water or other liquids. Both are basically the same in terms of their structure and working principle. Now take the fan as an example to illustrate. Natural ventilation cooling tower, circulating slurry pump, circulating water pipeline and pipeline accessories are important components of the circulating water system of the power plant. In the preliminary design of the power plant, studying the system plan to determine the optimal system configuration is of positive significance for reducing the construction cost of the project. The core part of the design of the circulating water system is the reasonable selection and configuration of the natural ventilation cooling tower and the circulating slurry pump. In the construction of the circulating water system, their investment costs are high and the construction is complicated, which has a great impact on the total investment of the power plant. It directly affects the unit cost of power engineering construction and the investment recovery period of the power plant. The optimal design of the water supply system is the basis for the selection of the system scheme, and the annual cost of the circulating slurry pump motor has a great influence on the scheme design. Under the premise of ensuring the safe and full-load power generation of the steam turbine, how to reduce the annual cost of the motor is worth thinking about by every engineer.

2. Problems in the use of the slurry pump

1. The design technology of the slurry pump itself is not high

At present, the design of slurry pumps in my country mainly follows the traditional model conversion method and velocity coefficient method. These design methods are outdated to a certain extent, because they are based on the old slurry pump design experience. In the design process, it is impossible to surpass the previous design level, and it is impossible to make breakthroughs in efficiency improvement. Coupled with the lack of capital investment and personnel investment in technology by the slurry pump design unit, and the lack of innovation motivation and innovation consciousness of the slurry pump designers, the technical content of the slurry pump products cannot be improved qualitatively. The technical content of the slurry pump itself cannot be improved, and energy saving work cannot be done. In addition, the slurry pump manufacturing enterprises unilaterally focus on economic benefits, while ignoring the energy-saving work of the slurry pump, and the state does not have policy support and financial incentives in this regard, resulting in the slurry pump manufacturing enterprises. Slurry pump efficiency is also not positive.

2. There is a misunderstanding in the energy saving of the slurry pump

In the past, our understanding of slurry pump energy saving was mainly to improve various efficiency indicators of slurry pump. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of slurry pump energy saving, and it is a one-sided understanding. The energy saving range we are talking about is not only an efficiency index, but also includes various factors such as the stability of the performance of the slurry pump, the life of the slurry pump, and the saving of materials. Then, in the specific use environment of the slurry pump, we must also carry out energy-saving design in a targeted manner, such as the sealing performance of the slurry pump, the hydraulic performance of the slurry pump, and the high temperature resistance of the slurry pump. Designed for different environments and different uses. Therefore, the energy saving research of slurry pump is a very complicated work, and our understanding of the concept of energy saving should not be too one-sided, but must have a comprehensive overall understanding.

3. Factors of using units and individuals

When purchasing slurry pumps, user units and everyone often pay attention to whether the slurry pump meets their own needs and whether the price is relatively cheap, but they are not very concerned about the energy-saving technical indicators of the slurry pump. This demand of consumers also dispels the enthusiasm of slurry pump design units and manufacturing units to carry out energy-saving technological innovations. And a large number of consumers should choose a slurry pump with excessive flow and head margin when choosing a slurry pump to ensure that it can meet their own needs. The actual operating efficiency is far lower than the high efficiency of the slurry pump, and it has been unable to operate in the high-efficiency area. In addition, in the process of use, due to the lax management and inspection of the user unit, improper operation and maintenance, and untimely maintenance, etc., the slurry pump often fails during use, resulting in a lot of energy waste.

3. Energy-saving technical approach of slurry pump

The energy saving of the slurry pump itself

Slurry pump design and manufacturing units In the process of designing and manufacturing slurry pumps, design and manufacturing personnel must have energy-saving awareness in mind. Slurry pump products. The design unit of the slurry pump should choose an excellent hydraulic model when designing, and study the scientific and efficient hydraulic design method. Efficiency of pump products. Slurry pump manufacturing units should formulate their own enterprise standards that are higher than the national mechanical standards in the manufacturing process, and try to reduce hydraulic losses. In the manufacturing process, each process is strictly controlled, the roughness of the overcurrent parts is minimized, the gap is carefully treated, and the gap value is appropriately reduced, so as to improve the efficiency of the slurry pump and achieve the purpose of energy saving of the slurry pump.

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