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How to calculate the service life of the wearing parts of the slurry pump


2022-09-07 17:05

In the use of the slurry pump, the service life of the impeller, the seal, the impeller inlet side guard, and the shaft seal is short.
The life of the wearing parts of the slurry pump is related to many factors, the particle size and gradation of the solid particles, the suction conditions, and the parameters of the pump. When the slurry contains large solids, the impeller life is very short due to the wear at the blade inlet, which is significantly shorter than the life of the seal. When conveying fine particle slurries, the life of seals and impeller inlet side and front fenders is approximately equal to or less than the impeller life.
Shijiazhuang Slurry Pump Technology Co., Ltd. according to the current statistics of the use of slurry pumps, the service life of the pressurized water chamber / the service life of the impeller> 2, because the number of replacements of the pressurized water chamber is less than that of the impeller. The exceptions are low specific speed pumps and pumps that generate high flow rates due to the use of different sizes in the pressurized water chamber.
When the leakage of the seals studied by our company is equal, the linear wear will be the secondary mode of the velocity of the fluid at the seal gap, △M, △I—the linear wear of the interstage seal and the impeller inlet seal.
△M/△1=Hcr/Hy The middle head of the intermediate seal between the stages will be Hy=Hcr static head
When using a slurry pump, it should be noted that the same value is used for the radial clearance at the seal when evaluating the clearance area, although the possible error of large diameters will be large depending on the tolerance, and the interstage seal gap will be smaller than the impeller inlet gap gap, due to the gap. The area is reduced and the coefficient is reduced, resulting in a smaller qy value.
For all seals Hcr/Hy<Dy1/Dy·M, it can be concluded that the linear wear of the interstage seal is smaller than that of the impeller inlet seal. It should also be considered that due to the wear of the impeller inlet seal, the leakage will increase, which will eventually lead to the deterioration of the conditions when the slurry flows into the impeller, which will deteriorate the pump characteristics. create an imbalance.

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