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What adjustments are required before the slurry pump runs?


2022-09-07 17:06

(1) The slurry pump should be placed on a firm foundation to bear the full weight of the slurry pump to eliminate vibration, and tighten all anchor bolts.

(2) Pipes and valves should be supported separately. There is a gasket at the flange of the slurry pump. When tightening the connecting bolts, it should be noted that some slurry pump metal linings are higher than the flange. At this time, the bolts should not be tightened too much to avoid damage to the gasket.

(3) Rotate the shaft according to the rotation direction of the slurry pump by hand. The shaft should be able to drive the impeller to rotate, and there should be no friction. Otherwise, the clearance of the impeller of the slurry pump should be adjusted.

(4) Check the rotation of the motor, to ensure that the slurry pump rotates in the direction of the arrow marked on the pump body. Note that the slurry pump is not allowed to rotate in the opposite direction, otherwise the impeller thread will be tripped, resulting in damage to the slurry pump.

(5) In the case of direct drive, the pump shaft and the motor shaft should be precisely aligned, and the pump shaft and the motor shaft should be parallel in the case of belt transmission, and the position of the sheave should be adjusted to make it perpendicular to the groove belt to avoid severe vibration and wear. For SPA and SPA/SPB type and SPB and SPB/SPC type sheave, the sheave should be adjusted to meet the requirements.

(6) A detachable short pipe should be installed at the suction pipe of the slurry pump, and its length should be sufficient to disassemble the pump cover and replace the wearing parts, so as to facilitate the maintenance of the slurry pump. Its length is shown in the outline dimension drawing of each slurry pump.

(7) Shaft seal inspection: Due to the difference in the parking seal structure of the slurry pump of the auxiliary impeller shaft seal, when an oil cup is installed on the pressure reducing cover, grease must be added through the oil cup, and calcium sodium is recommended for the grease. base grease.

The packing seal slurry pump should open the shaft seal water before starting and check whether the water volume and water pressure of the shaft seal are appropriate. The leakage amount is better to seep out drop by drop. If the seasoning is too tight, the bushing is easy to heat up and consumes power at the same time. If the packing is too loose, the liquid leakage will be too large. The shaft seal water pressure is generally 3.5*10-2MPa (0.35kgf/cm2) higher than the slurry pump outlet pressure, and the shaft seal water volume is generally recommended as follows:

(8) Adjustment of the pre-tightening force of the V-belt

Since there is no national standard for narrow V-belts in my country at present, various manufacturers cannot provide mature and reliable adjustment methods. The following is an introduction to the adjustment methods recommended by our factory for reference.

1 First calculate the preload Q,


2 Find the e value on the curve according to the preload force and the V-belt type

3 Find f by the formula f=e L’/100

4. Find the R value of the corresponding V-belt model in Table 1. According to the method shown in Figure 12, adjust the center distance of the two wheels to achieve the required preload force Q. Generally, when R Newton force is applied, the total length of the suspension section is When the reduction amount is not greater than f, the required preload force Q is reached.

In the formula: Q - the small preload force of each V-belt static down-suspension, the unit is Newton

F-Total reduction of V-belt suspension section, unit mm

C1-angle coefficient is about 0.9

The C2-operating coefficient is about 1.4

L'-the center distance of the sheave

P-motor rated power KW

The number of Z-triangle strips

V line speed, m/s

m - centrifugal force coefficient (check Table 1)

e is the reduction e of each 100mm suspension length.

The pre-tightening force of the V-belt adjusted to the end should be such that the pre-tightening force of the V-belt is small when the load is large. When the V-belt is used in groups, the perimeter of each V-belt should be basically the same to ensure that the V-belt is under equal force during operation. .

After the V-belt is adjusted, check again whether the impeller of the slurry pump rotates normally. If possible, start the slurry pump with clean water before pumping the slurry, open the suction pipe valve, open the motor, and check the inlet and outlet pressure. If the packing is hot, loosen the gland bolts of the packing to make the leakage larger, and adjust the leakage to the specified value after the packing and the shaft are in harmony.

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