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EASP type submersible pump

The product is a cantilever, centrifugal pump. It adopts a single pump casing structure connected by a cassette, which has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high reliability. The product has the characteristics of reasonable structure, reliable operation and long service life.



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    SP type submerged pump is a new product researched and developed by our company on the basis of widely absorbing the advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad, and using modern design methods. Coarse particle, high concentration slurry. It does not need any shaft seal and shaft seal water, and it can work normally under the condition of insufficient suction.
    SP pump flow parts are made of wear-resistant metal.
    The submerged parts of the SPR pump have rubber outer linings, which are suitable for conveying abrasive slurries without edges and corners.
    The letters in the model number are submerged pumps with extended shafts, which are suitable for working conditions with deep liquid level. This pump adds a guide bearing structure on the basis of the standard pump, which runs more smoothly and is more widely applicable. However, it is necessary to attach flushing water to the guide bearing.
    It adopts vertical cantilever type and single pump casing structure.


    ● Double suction, semi-open impeller design, using hard alloy or rubber impeller.
    ● The cartridge bearing assembly adopts high-capacity bearing design, and the bearing is lubricated with grease.
    ● The gap between the impeller and the guard plate can be adjusted to ensure the efficient operation of the pump.
    ● No shaft seal required.
    ● The pump and driver can choose direct drive or V-belt drive.        
    ● It can also work normally under the condition of insufficient suction
    ● Long life of wearing parts
    ● Large flow particle size
    ● Easy maintenance
    ● Low operating cost
    ● High reliability

    Scope of application:

    Widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, electric power, building materials and other departments.

    Performance parameters:

    Model Spit out caliber mm Rotating speed Performance parameters Generation power KW Impeller diameter mm
    Flow Qm3//h Head Hm Efficiencyn%
    40PV-SP(R) 40 1000-2200 17-43.2 4-28.5 40 15 188
    65QV-SP(R) 65 700-1500 18-114 5-31.5 60 30 280
    100RV-SP(R) 100 500-1200 54-289 5-36 62 75 970
    150SV-SP(R) 150 500-1000 108-479 8.5-40 52 110 450
    200SV-SP(R) 200 400-850 189-891 6.5-37 64 110 520
    250TV-SP(R) 250 400-750 261-1089 7-33.5 60 200 575
    300TV-SP(R) 300 350-700 288-1267 6-33 50 200 610
    • EASP type submersible pump

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